How To Be a Traveler

No its not one of those articles, I promise

Non-aesthetic picture of me in Wyoming, chilling with a horse I rode..

Non-aesthetic picture of me in Wyoming, chilling with a horse I rode..

My friends and family have started to call me a traveler, which to be honest, I have felt kind of uncomfortable with. I mean, I do travel, and I think I have gotten quite good at traveling and planning trips, but its not like I go to incredibly exotic locations. Not frequently, at least. Like most people who love to explore the world, my bucket list feels ever expanding. Especially when I get on google maps.

Does anyone else randomly get on google maps, and just…look around? Just me?

I highly recommend Google map “vacations” and intend on dedicating a whole post to them.

Anyway, all of the above being considered, I did some math recently and realized I had been away from home approximately 15% of the year (so far). In total, my time traveling has consisted of around a month, but obviously not all at once. Actually, I haven't even taken an entire Monday through Friday week off of work.

More than anything, I would consider myself a weekend/ long-weekend warrior. Nearby cities, and beaches and mountains are my JAM. Museums, concerts, middle of nowhere national parks that are a day drive away? COUNT ME IN.

I try to go places often, and I try to do it on the cheap. By cheap I don't mean a $700 round trip flight to Japan “cheap”, I mean “I stayed in a Best Western where an entire middle school soccer team stayed for 3 nights and their parents got drunk in the Best Western Lobby every night” cheap.

One of the main reasons I felt hesitant to call myself a “traveler” is that I haven’t been to THAT many places… or any places outside of North America (so far). I live in what I call “full time job land”, and while I have a pretty awesome PTO package, its just not realistic to take multiple international trips every year. I truly want to see the world, and its one of my greatest passions. While I have mad respect for anyone who sells all their belongings and roams around South America for years, that is NOT my jam. I like my career and I love the life my husband and I have worked hard for and built.

So, I am far from a nomad, but I don't hesitate calling myself a traveler anymore. And I don't think you should either.

I’ve read a lot of travel blogs. Blogs on how to be a traveler, how to start a travel blog, how to travel more. But from my experience they all seem very geared towards people with a lot of privilege or who don't have or don't want a professional or personal life outside of jet setting from place to place.

And I constantly see blogs that say if you aren't flying to Italy and eating pasta and drinking wine every night under the Tuscan sun you arE WASTING YOUR LIFE AND EVERY BIT OF LIVE LAUGH LOVE THAT YOU HAVE!!!

I can feel the FOMO just from typing that joke.

That is why I decided to create this blog. And that is why I want to dedicate my first post to say this:


If you were wondering how to become one, guess what, you already are. Even if you have only spent one night away from home in your entire life. Even if you are only planning imaginary vacations in your head all day long and you googled “how to be a traveler” and came across this post”

Surprise, you are a traveler, if you want to be.

I hope you follow along and this blog will allow you to get the most of your trips both real and imaginary… and too not beat yourself up too much for the ones you haven’t taken yet  (everyone else is right there with you). So lets be travelers together, and break the boundaries of what that title means.