The Soundtrack for Getting There

The more I travel, the more it becomes clear that one of the most important parts of any trip is the soundtrack.

Maybe it’s because I am slightly delusional and I like to pretend my life is a movie (haha let’s be honest, that’s 30% of it) but I also think music has a special way of throwing us back into certain moments.

In some ways, it’s like smelling a particular scent. One that reminds you of being in kindergarten, for example. You randomly get a whiff of something, and suddenly you are teleported to coloring paper cornucopias and waiting to eat square pizza for lunch. Only for me at least, it is as if I just can't pinpoint the smell that reminds me of the moment, and the sensation of vividly remembering those memories , passes by as swiftly as it came.

Also, isn't it weird that we all knew what cornucopias were by age 6??? WILD.

Unlike a smell that can’t be easily duplicated, music makes the memories of our adventures feel more closely intertwined with our everyday lives. It’s a lot easier to play a song that reminds you how it felt to ride through the Tetons in Wyoming, than to drive to the Tetons again. You can be sitting in your cubicle working on a spreadsheet, but for a split second its almost as if you can feel the wind flying in the windows and the sun beaming into your car and hitting the jagged mountains. Then the next thing you know, you get a #REF in a spreadsheet, and it’s back to reality.

With today’s technology, we can so easily find any song and send ourselves back in time to a joyful moment. And most importantly, we can arrange the moment to begin by making BOMB PLAYLISTS.

If it isn’t painfully obvious yet, I love making playlists and I think its one of the best parts of traveling. SO, this is part one of a three part series, with this guide focused on music for getting “there” wherever there might be.

The suggestions below are geared towards airplane rides, airports, less than scenic car drives and packing. I have listed some of my favorite “Getting There” songs and a few reasons or lyrics why I think they inspire me to travel or get in the mood for the journey ahead. I added little brackets {like this} to indicate the genre. Enjoy judging my taste in music. It is pretty much all over the place¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sleep On The Floor - The Lumineers  - {Indie-ish}

“Pack yourself a toothbrush dear, pack away your favorite blouse, get a withdraw slip, take all of your savings out” I do not recommend the last part, I do recommend listening to this song while doing the first two things.

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift {Pop}

Disclaimer, I love Taylor Swift and I think Shake it Off is appropriate and recommended for every situation. However when traveling, a million things can go wrong. Everything from flat tires to lost luggage… and its important to… shake it off… shake it off…

Where the Flower Blooms - Tyler, The Creator {Rap}

I don't know what it is about this song, but it just makes me feel like I am growing into my best self. Like I drink my daily recommended amount of water, and have a skincare routine and go to farmers markets and am traveling to better my well being. In real life I am eating Hot Cheetos while forgetting to pack my hairbrush. 

Step Out - Jose Gonzalez {Alternative}

You should watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Runnin’ Just in Case - Miranda Lambert {Country}

“There’s trouble where I’m going, but I’m gonna go there anyway”

Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone {Alternative}

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane” The PERFECT song to listen to and pretend you are in a movie, this is science.

Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric (This is better than the Cage The Elephant version.. fight me) {Rock}

I just love this song, not to be cheesy, but the song says, “I go the whole wide world just to find her” and I always picture that as me talking to me about finding myself (whatever that means)which as I type it, it sounds very cheesy but that’s THE TRUTH

On The Road Again - Willie Nelson {Outlaw Country}

Obviously this is on my list

Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks {Country}

I have a theory that this song is MEANT to listen to while driving through the Midwest on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

Salina - The Avett Brothers {Folk}

“Salina, I’m as nowhere as I can be” aka a great song to listen to in the middle of nowhere

Clay Pigeons - John Prine (or Blaze Foley) (or Michael Cera … yep that Michael Cera) {Folk}

“I’m goin’ down to the greyhound station, gonna get a ticket to ride” 

TBH, anything by P!NK {Pop}

Alexa, play So What. For real, I think she is awesome for girl power, road trip sing-a-longs.

I could honestly go on about songs I love for an obnoxiously long time, but I will leave it at this for now.

I hope reading this will inspire you to check out some of these songs and think about creating your perfect playlist for “getting there” The best thing about having your own playlist for traveling is it can be whatever makes you experience you want to feel. It doesn't all have to be a certain type of music or emotion, because honestly, how boring is that. Sometimes you want to listen to 2002 pop and other times you want to some heartfelt ballad. Either way, intentionally choosing playlists can be the difference between a bland car ride and jams that will forever evoke the memories of when you were driving through the middle of nowhere in South Carolina.

 So anyway, make a CORNUCOPIA of songs to listen to next time you go somewhere.