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How We Afforded Our Dream Vacation

Samantha TeagueComment
How We Afforded Our Dream Vacation

Early into my blogging (aka 2.5 months ago) I asked on Instagram what people wanted me to write about, and one or the resounding responses was how to afford traveling.

So here are my tips: 

1. Never eat out. Ever. Do you even want to see the world?!

2. Every coffee you buy at Starbucks is just .5% of a plane ticket you WASTED. Enjoy that Frappuccino in your hometown.

3. Have a car payment? Just call the bank and tell them you need a couple months of a bill break so you can save for that big trip. They will be glad to cooperate

4. Use your oven as a makeshift fireplace, just stop using electricity, cavemen did it for years.

5. If you write a nicely worded letter on college rule paper, in your best cursive, then you will get your student loans slashed in half. 

6. Make your spouse climb into a suitcase, then store them under the plane. 

7. Find a job you love that allows you to work 3 hours per day on the beach using a MacBook Pro but also pays you like 50k a year.  

8. Walk there/make a raft  

It’s so easy people, just make wise choices!!!! Make travel a priority!!! This is how my husband and I afforded our amazing trip to Hawaii where we stayed in an oceanfront room and ate out every night! 


Wanna know how we really did it?

Okay here is the ultimate travel hack: 

We didn’t pay for it.

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Yes, I will say this one more time, we did not pay for the large majority of our trip. Instead it was a family vacation that was generously paid for by my amazing mother and father-in-law and we will forever be thankful to them for the experience. 

Sure, we paid for upgrades to our room, for food and drinks, and things we did on our own, but as for the bulk of the trip: flights, a lot of transportation, the fancy Luau, the room, some meals, the professional pictures, we didn’t pay a dime. 

I’m not telling you this to brag, or because we don’t pay for any of our traveling, because almost always we do! And while it’s totally possible to travel on the cheap, and I have taken wonderful trips for a few hundred bucks by eating nothing but peanut butter for two weeks and sleeping on the ground (10/10 recommend) I felt it was important to share the financial details on this trip, because there are a lot of people out there going on awesome and to be frank, expensive, trips and they aren’t paying for it themselves.

It doesn’t bother me that they are doing this, but what really grinds my gears (wow am I a 48 year old Dad?!) is they are preaching all the ways people who aren’t traveling are  living life wrong, or not saving money enough, or n ot being passionate about life enough.... meanwhile they have a life largely free of responsibility or have the privledge of having parents who pay for their experiences. 

Sis, I know that part time job isn’t paying for all of your gap year. It’s called math. 

And sure, maybe they aren’t being funded by their fam, but perhaps they still live at home and have few bills, or maybe they have a lot of credit card debt, or maybe they are successful in a way that most normal people won’t be based on unique skills they have, such as being ridiculously good looking or awesome at taking pictures.

Regardless, this year we stan travelers who are transparent on exactly how they are affording these trips. 

Honestly, I wish more bloggers, and people in general, would give well deserved shout outs to their parents or sugar daddy’s or credit cards or whoever for keeping them island hopping and on trains from country to country in Europe, because it will make everyone else not think they are lacking in some area of their life by not being able to travel in that way.

SO, if you are wondering how we afforded an incredible trip to two islands in Hawaii in our early twenties...thank you Bill and Jennifer.

Hopefully this is my part in making the world more aware that they can stop blaming their Dunkin coffee for the reason they haven’t been to Paris, and start blaming their parents.

I’m totally kidding, blame yourself and get started on your oven fireplace. #travelhacks