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Click This To Be Inspired

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Click This To Be Inspired

I love Pinterest. I can’t even emphasize that statement enough. I know some people  associate the app for figuring out what they are making for dinner or what color they are going to paint their living room but I use the app to organize an overall vision of my life.

It’s a very casual and healthy relationship with a website, I know.

I have a Pinterest board for everything- food, clothes, goals, animals, traveling, blogging, writing, my career, philosophy, hobbies.. and my personal favorite:


I frickin love an inspiration quote. I love a cute and colorful girl power graphic design and I love a watercolor quote about *~finding yourself~* or LiViNg LiFe To ThE FuLLeST. I like quotes by Michael Jordan about winning and quotes from presidents about honor and quotes from rappers about staying fly. Heck I even like a wall of text telling me to wake up at 5 am and eat avocados...such as the one below.


Okay I made the avocado thing up... but you get what I’m saying. You will catch all types of inspo chilling on a Pinterest board which is delightfully named “mightier than the sword”. Because ya know... the pen is mightier than... the sword

*everyone cringes*

As I’ve found my voice as a writer, I’ve wondered while scrolling on good old Pinterest if I will ever have my own quote that is on people’s modern day vision boards. 

As I went down that rabbit hole, I began to think of what my quote would even be or what I would want it to be. What would I want to let people know in order to make them feel good about themselves? 

“It’s nobody’s business how much sugar is in that whole pack of sour gummy worms, go off sis” -Samantha Teague 

That quote is probably just inspiring to be because I eat more candy than any other grown-up I know. 

ANYWHO, I ran through this scenario, what started as a little fantasy led to a more realistic conclusion.

Inspirational quotes are written by successful people.

And that totally makes sense because people want to know the secret of the “crazy ones who followed their dreams” and “the ones who never gave up.”

People want to feel motivated by the bestselling authors, the rockstars, the social media gurus, and the artists.

You don’t see that many inspirational quotes from mediocre people and that is most likely because they are not famous, rich or filled with a life of recognition and accolade.

Likewise, the words of wisdom from people who failed to make their dream come true are either seen as somehow faulty or invalid.

Calling myself a writer, having this blog, working up the courage to share my other writing- this is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, and popular quotes would lead me to believe that if I try hard enough and write good enough it will turn into something special.

It would lead me to believe that if I’m positive and gritty and if I dive into things that scare me, I will be rewarded with the ideal version (or any version at the least) of what I’m trying to achieve. 

Sometimes I want to believe that so badly.

I want to be the Indy Blue of married women who are really independent and dress like a cool young librarian and love staying inside for 4 days straight and watching tv IN ADDITION to traveling the world and doing cool stuff.

I want to be like Jac Vanek and have a brand and have my own super cool podcast with my own fierce LadyGang.

I low key kind of want to be on Ellen.

I really want to write a book.



Those are all my embarrassingly wild dreams... enjoy. 

I’m happy just writing for friends and family and the occasional stranger. I love doing this and I would do it for just one person to take away something from it. Even if that one person is me.

But of course in my wildest dreams, I imagine... well... wild stuff. 

More than anything, it’s scary to say I want anything close to the things I mentioned, or aspire to be anything like the people I think are awesome, because to be honest, most likely I won’t accomplish all or any of that.


I used to think people didn’t make their dreams come true because they wouldn’t try, or didn’t try hard enough or they weren’t good enough. Some of that is definitely true, but more and more I’m beginning to think a lot of it is just random luck and good timing and meeting the right people- And those are things people have very little control over. 

I believe that a lot of very talented, passionate, and hard working people can’t make their dreams come true. The end.

You don’t see many inspirational quotes that say “sometimes you can do everything and follow your dreams and still fail”



You might not to be able to make something happen. BUT DANG YOU CAN TRY.

And I’m trying. And that is pretty cool.

See we’re sooooo focused on the end result of the inspirational quotes aka *~success~* we don’t focus on the MUCH larger and more important part of it:

Self fulfillment and actualization.

Will it suck if I fail as a writer? Yeah my dudes... I’m tearing up thinking about it tbh. But it might happen and that will be that.

Will it suck even more to have some hidden dream that I never explored or attempted? Or that I didn’t share something I loved to do because I was afraid of what people think?! 


So all that being said... what should my inspirational quote be like? What should REALLY inspire us, especially knowing that you can try and fail and it will be sad? Or that life can be a bunch of random nonsense?

Well, here are my inspirational quotes:

“Maybe it’s just luck you guys” -Samantha Teague

“Well at least it was fun sometimes.” -Samantha Teague

“It takes courage to mess up and then continue to mess up and never learn your lesson or give up, even though quitting is probably a good idea” -Samantha Teague

“You might fail really badly, and it won’t lead to more success or any amazing lesson it will just suck. But you tried and that counts for something. Good things happened because you tried, even if they aren’t the things you really wanted. And that’s really cool.” -Samantha Teague

And yes, they are on Pinterest. Look it up.