It’s okay to think that Mondays suck.

It’s okay to think that Mondays suck.

Garfield (as in the cartoon cat) and I have a lot in common. We both love lasagna, we’re both kinda sassy, and most importantly we both kind of hate Monday’s.

Modays are kind of the worst, right? Our break from reality, aka the weekend, is rudely interrupted with alarm clocks signaling a week of responsibility ahead. 

Or... maybe your life just SUCKS. 

See, there is a unique brand of motivaton or optimism or inspiration (???) going around on social media that is very “you must love all parts of your life”.

Including, and especially, Mondays.  

They are the posts and articles you see that say things like “maybe you don’t hate Mondays, maybe you hate you life” or “every moment you spend not chasing your wildest dreams is wasted time”. Usually those types of captions are under some person candidly laughing in a cool location, or with expensive fancy coffee sitting next to a brand new laptop. 

It’s cute.  

Other times, someone isnt telling you that your life is miserable. BUT INSTEAD, they are obnoxiously insisting that Mondays are the perfect fresh start. A chance to give the world the old razzle dazzle and be a #goalgetter #girlboss and #riseandgrind.


I’m gagging. 

I don’t buy any of it.  

I think *~as a society~* we have a hard time accepting truth. I think it’s true that some parts of life just are not as good as other parts. 

I don’t like Mondays because I usually have an actual pile of laundry in my floor to hang up. I have a bunch of emails to catch up on, a list of thing I procrastinated from the prior week to do and because waking up early literally makes me want to cry. And sometimes I do cry. 

I don’t want to “get bread”. I don’t want to hustle.  And to be honest, I don’t know if I would enjoy Mondays even if I was doing my absolute dream job because I would still be facing mounds of real life responsibilities that were deferred by the weekend. 

We struggle with the bright and shiny facade that everyone else portrays. Or the concept that somewhere out there is a life where we can just casually do everything we like and never have to do our laundry or taxes.

We compare our Monday mornings- with eyes crusty, dry shampooed hair and a half freezer burnt gluten free waffles- to someone else’s early morning smoothie bowl and 10 step morning skincare routine. 

Mondays do sometimes suck, and no amount of fancy breakfast foods will fix that. Sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t really want to do, and we can’t just pretend that there is a world where that isn’t true.

Because even if you are rich, you’re paying people to do things that make their Monday suck. And even if you somehow found a life that allows the perfect schedule, it’s not obtainable for every other person who exists to do the same. And also, I don’t believe you. 

Anyway, let’s be more like Garfield, accept that Mondays suck... and eat some lasagna.

Happy Monday.