Let girls be goofy.

Let girls be goofy.

Here’s something I get a lot: “You’re pretty funny...for a woman.” (HA who am I kidding, they call me a girl)

BUT they are right, I’m hilarious.

When I was 6 I tried to dye my teeth blue with magic-markers to be funny. In 8th grade I told my whole class the saga of how I accidentally ended up showing goats (like as in presenting livestock to a panel of judges) as if it was a stand up routine. My senior year, I dressed up like a Jedi and went trick or treating with my best friend who was like...19? In college, I made the business department head/my boss/retired military wear silly hats with me and take pictures. At work I inserted my team member’s faces on a rap video of “Ice Ice Baby”

I was seen as awkward in high school, and sometimes I’m afraid I’m seen as immature in my adulthood but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I haven’t grown out of my antics. 

My family is hilarious and they placed a lot of emphasis on being yourself (all of the time) when I was growing up. The women in my life are strong and wittier than most people I know. My grandma is 76 and dances to Migos.

Growing up, my behavior was kind of on brand for the rest of the people around me. My husband laughs at all my jokes, as he should.  I think I have benefited so much from this. I also think I take the encouragement I had, and still have, to be myself...for granted.

If you’re a gal, being goofy and silly is seen as being like a shiny Pokémon. RARE AS HECK.

As a woman, or a wife or a mother... sometimes it feels like everyone just wants you to ~*grow up*~ make a casserole and stay in your lane.

Well the only casserole I know how to make is green bean casserole and thanksgiving only comes one time a year.

*puts on sunglasses*

I hate the way a lot of people treat women’s humor. It’s constantly being invalidated or poked at for only being relatable to other women. It’s definitely not celebrated. 

From a young age, girls are encouraged by society, and the media, and sometimes even their parents to be funny... but not too funny. To be goofy... but not too goofy.

To be...but not to be too much.

And let’s not even get into the way we feel we need to behave for (some) guys. They want the “chill” girl, the mysterious girl, the fun and spunky girl who can make a mean spinach dip or the super smart future CFO.... but where is the room for the woman who might be some of these things, but also may or may not attempt to do “the worm” during the annual Christmas party.

That type of behavior is acceptable for the goofy uncle... but as for aunt Samantha, it’s a bit... ODD.

Telling jokes and being funny makes you feel good, it can be a confidence booster, and if nothing else it can teach the immense benefit of caring less of what people think as long as you’re having fun.

Well in honor of international women’s day, I have a suggestion:



Encourage them dress up as Spiderman. Let them know they don’t have to be perfect, or quiet or whatever else might be considered “well behaved” that is less about manners and more about stifling their personality.

Embrace being a goofy mom, or a goofy aunt or a goofy grandma. Show them that it’s okay for women to have fun, JUST AS MUCH FUN as the guys.

Let your teenage girls know if a guy doesn’t laugh at their song parodies... he ain’t it, chief.

Also, encourage song parodies. 

Let your girls take up space in this way, gain confidence in this way (embarrass themselves in this way) and be themselves in this way.

Let’s make it cool for girls to belch their ABC’s.

Let’s make it socially acceptable for women to do impersonations.

And to do all these things and STILL be our future teachers, business owners, bosses and political leaders.

Guys have been doing this for millennia, it’s the ladies turn.

My main home girl Amy Poehler said it best: “if you can dance and be free and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world”

Let’s encourage our girls do the sprinkler dance, and grow up to be the women who rule the world.


Samantha (song parody enthusiast, wife, professional, goat showing champion, total goofball)