Wild and Wonderful: West Virginia in a Day

Wild and Wonderful: West Virginia in a Day

West Virginia is almost heaven, and is almost as weird as you imagine it will be.



What an odd and beautiful and unique state to see. It is truly the land of coal mines, waterfalls, urban legends, winding rivers and incredible bridges. West Virginia is so scenic it isn't hard to see why it was referred to as “almost heaven”.  Although, I think Mothman might be the reason its not quite heaven. He did terrorize a few towns there for a hot minute.

So whether you want to uncover the mysteries this state has to offer, or are just passing through, I hope this travel guide helps you plan your day.

Our first stop was the New River Gorge Bridge, located in Fayetteville. This bridge is a steel arch bridge that bends over the New River. The site ran by the National Park Service, and is free to visit (HOLLA). Once you arrive, a wooden walkway will take you to the various viewing overlooks.

I am not a bridge expert (I am assuming you are not a bridge expert either.. I don't know I am making assumptions, maybe you love bridges more than you love your first born child) But this bridge freaking cool. It is MADE OF STEEL and a single arch HOLDS IT UP, and its so long! And so tall! Its quite impressive. I highly recommend this stop, even if you are like me and do not consider yourself a bridge enthusiast

Another super cool thing about this bridge is you can pay to walk under the bridge (yikes, why?) For the THRILLS. I will put the link for this activity at the bottom of the post. We did not opt to do this, because we were not wearing the appropriate shoes, or outfit in general, and because it was a little pricey (around $75) which was not in the budget for the day.

*REAL LIFE ADVENTURE GIRL PRO TIP: If you come across an activity (such as the Bridge Walk) and you feel like you don't want to do it, or its a little pricey. Just don't do it. (WOW revolutionary) But so often we hear, take every opportunity and say yes to everything. I think that can be great advice, but I also think we should evaluate our motives. Do I really want to walk under a bridge to experience this thing. Or do I want a cool picture for Instagram. As a rule of thumb, if its the latter, and it takes more than 5 minutes. It isn't worth it”

So after you have “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers in your head ALL DAY. Now its time for, what I consider, the main attraction. Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Point Pleasant is a riverside town that George Washington used to pass through back during early American History. There was even a battle there, and it was considered by some, one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War.

Oh, and a giant half-moth, half-man cryptid terrorized the town, and brought on the first documented presence of the Men in Black (allegedly).

Needless to say, we did not visit to learn about some old white men from the 1700’s terrorizing indigenous  people. We came to learn of some old weird Mothman, terrorizing West Virginians.

Point Pleasant is around a two hour drive from Fayetteville. The drive from Fayetteville is scenic and interesting. We saw numerous waterfalls along the side of the road, raced along trains that chugged through the dense green mountains and saw first hand the tiny pockets of mining communities scattered among coal country. If you have the mindset “its about the journey and not the destination” you will love this scenic, true Appalachian drive.


Once you reach Point Pleasant, there are a couple must sees:

  1. The Mothman Statue: This Mothman statue towers over the sleepy waterfront town in shiny, semi-nude,  glory. And yes, the Mothman has a butt. Be sure you take lots of fun selfies!

  2. The Mothman Museum: Now that you have embraced this urban legend, by taking ALL the embarrassing selfies, Learn about the history behind this creature. See police reports, read eye witness accounts,  see sculptures of the creature, rare-photos of the Men in Black and more. Also, please note that while its fine to be goofy and enjoy your campy experience, some visitors of the museum might take this more serious than you, and its important to be respectful of the people who might be WAY more into this conspiracy than you are. No one likes the person who laughs everything off and goes to things to make fun of them, and making fun of people is NEVER cool. All that being said, I’ve put the link below with hours and prices.

  3. MOTHMAN PIZZA: Yes, I know you have been searching for years and I am pleased to announce there is a place where you can get a pizza with toppings in the shape of the Mothman! Village Pizza will draw you in like a moth to a flame (wow it only took the whole post to make that joke) This pizza isn't on the menu, but if you ask, they will make it.

At the end of our fun endeavor into the paranormal side of West Virginia, we tried to enjoy the ride home by stopping at things that caught our eye. AKA quirky roadside attractions.


All in all, this trip started at around 7am on a Saturday morning in Johnson City, Tennessee and we made it back home at 9. While this is a long day, its a fun one!  And the driving is made more than bearable by the view out the window. All in all this trip cost me around $50 dollars including gas, souvenir tee-shirt, entrance fees and food. That sounds like a Real Life Adventure Girl trip to me!

So Travelers, that’s it, my guide to The Mountain State. I know I missed countless things worth seeing, but only so much can be done in a day. Comment your favorite thing to do in West Virginia and anything I might need to see next time.


Bridgewalk: https://bridgewalk.com/

Mothman Musuem: http://www.mothmanmuseum.com/

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