The Guide for When Your Airline Goes Bankrupt.

The Guide for When Your Airline Goes Bankrupt.

I booked a flight with WOWair earlier this year, for a trip I have to Iceland that is happening in two weeks and a couple of days. I knew it was a budget airline, but I’m cool with not having free water or WiFi for 5 hours if that means I’m paying a few hundred bucks for an international flight. I mean... WHATS THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?! (LOLOLOL)

Thursday I got on Instagram, and saw on my stories that IcelandAir was offering rescue fares for stranded WOWair travelers.  My stomach dropped. I googled “WOWair stranded travelers” and then boom, the headlines. 

WOWair Ceases All Operations 

All WOWair flights cancelled  

WOWair apparently Collapses

It was trending on twitter and on my news app but we had no email, no notification. Nothing.  

I call my friend, as we’re both on the verge of tears. The vague message on their website made us wonder if we would ever get a refund for the tickets, since afterall, the company DID go bankrupt overnight.

We were left wondering what to do next.  

There is really no definitive guide on what to do when your airline is a broke boi.  

After hours of phone calls, googling and crying, we had figured everything out. Thanks to booking on a great travel credit card, we did receive a refund. :) And thanks to stalking google flights, changing our travel dates by a day and being proactive, we booked a flight that was only slightly more expensive than our original trash garbage one. One with free water, meals, and even inflight wi-fi :,) 

After this WOWair debacle, I began to reflect on this question:

WHO AM I TO GIVE TRAVEL ADVICE LOL?! WHO IS ANYONE?’s the thing, anytime I’ve traveled, I read all the guides and plan all the things. I obsessively google the weather. I make sure I pack proper clothing, but at the end of the day, the unexpected does happen.

We truly had limited resources when figuring out what our game plan was, after our flight fell though on such short notice.

There were no Pinterest posts. Very few articles. And the really detailed how-to guides for what to do came out nearly a day later. By that time, most flights had nearly doubled.

Luckily we snagged our flights before they were out of our original budget because we made decisions and actions based on research, being driven to make this trip happen and trusting our intuition.  

And I think A LOT of traveling (and life) is like this.  

There is nothing wrong with reading (or writing a guide) but nothing will prepare you for a big trip.  

This was probably the most stressful travel experience of my life and I truly had no idea what to do.

But we made it work. 

In a weird way, I’m grateful for all the dumb moments I’ve experienced by chance (or by my own mistakes) while traveling or planning a trip. Those instances have taught me lessons, and sometimes I can help teach other people those lessons. 

Even more so, I’m thankful for the things  that didn’t teach me lessons, but they did force me to problem solve, look on the bright-side and learn (still learning) to give up control and go with the flow.

And there is no guide for that, you just gotta do it.  

WOWair, thank u next** 

I’m so frickin grateful for my ex*** 

**United and Lufthansa  

***airline that went bankrup